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If you are going to be using the bus a lot, buy a Go Card for NZD 5 from the driver and get 10% off every trip. The most popular time to visit Dunedin is during its summer months.From November to March, temperatures are mild, and the climate is dry.If you are travelling to Dunedin as part of a tour, check with your agent to see if there is a free airport pickup / drop off service included in the package.

If you want to make sure you get a seat, it's advised to book the day before.

To the north is the Old Town, built on a peninsula between two modern harbours, with the splendid Basilica of Saint Nicholas, the Cathedral of San Sabino and the famous Swabian Castle.

On the neck of the headland are a couple of elegant and historic interlocking public squares, Piazza del Ferrarese and Piazza Mercantile.

Dunedin experiences its highest rainfall during this period.

Dunedin Airport is a gateway to the wider Otago region in New Zealand.

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Spring is another great time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds.

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